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Welcome to Saxophone Today!
I believe it is time for a new modern digital flipbook saxophone magazine and I hope you agree! Welcome to Saxophone Today for saxophonists around the world.
My long association with Saxophone Journal, as editor and manager, taught me three very simple lessons. Saxophonists are some of the most interesting, talented, and creative artists on this planet. In addition, whether you play professionally, are an amateur, a beginner, college student, high school student, or taking up the saxophone after having let it sit in a closet for many years, you all share a common belief. Deep down you love the instrument.
My goals for Saxophone Today are simple.
1. Offer you an affordable high quality saxophone magazine covering all topics relating to the saxophone.
2. Give you the ability to subscribe, then easily login to access and manage your subscriptions as needed. 
3. Offer Saxophone Today for Windows and Apple computers, as well as the iPad and Windows 8 tablets.
4. Offer additional all-digital products such as teaching videos, method books, combo charts, play-along duets, etc.
5. To provide a secure and safe online shopping experience for all customers.
After submitting your order (subscribing to Saxophone Today) you will immediately receive a thank-you email confirmation notice for your subscription/order.
Your Saxophone Today subscription/order will be emailed to you within 24 hours.
In that (second) email you'll receive a live link to download Saxophone Today magazine to your computer.
Each subsequent issue in your subscription will be automatically emailed to you following our publishing schedule below.
Viewing Saxophone Today on your Windows or Mac computer (iPad tablet or Windows 8 Tablet).
I've included under General Information (at the left on your screen) separate links explaining how a digital flipbook magazine works with your Windows or Apple desktop computer, laptop computer, iPad tablet, or Windows 8 tablet - Android version to come later.
General Information
Saxophone Today Flipbook User Guide
Saxophone Today Flipbook User Guide
Saxophone Today contributing writers.
I'm very proud and pleased present to you a talented staff of contributing writers for Saxophone Today, including professional educators, accomplished saxophone players, composers, arrangers, instrument repair specialists, saxophone designers, mouthiece and reed specialists, the list goes on...
Welcome to this new Saxophone Today website, and to the only, and all-new digital online saxophone magazine currently published in the world.
Saxophone Today Publishing Schedule
Jan/Feb ST will arrive December 1
Mar/Apr ST will arrive February 1
May/June ST will arrive April 1
July/Aug ST will arrive June 1
Sept/Oct ST will arrive August 1
Nov/Dec ST will arrive October 1
Questions, Problems, Suggestions should be emailed to Saxophone Today at We will respond by email ASAP.

David J. Gibson
Owner, Publisher, Editor
Saxophone Today