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This Sample Copy is a shortened version of Saxophone Today magazine.
The complete magazine averages 72 to 76 pages in size!

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New HTML 5 Technology For Saxophone Today Magazine
Saxophone Today magazine has switched to HTML 5 technology beginning with this JanFeb 2017 Sonny Rollins issue, which means the “Flash Add-On” in your browser will no longer be needed to open and read Saxophone Today.

All back issues of Saxophone Today magazines, will be switched over to HTML 5 in 2017. You’ll be pleased to know that you need to do nothing. Your subscription magazines, and back issues will remain completely accessible by you automatically in the new HTML 5 format.

During this transition to HTML 5 all original “Flash” versions of Saxophone Today will function normally.

HTML 5 is supported by all browsers and all computer operating systems. Saxophone Today will function 100% on Windows and Apple desktop computers, laptops, tablets, iPads, as well as iPhones and Android phones.
Over time, in this transition process, if a given ST magazine doesn’t open on your computer just click the browser Refresh button (F5 key) in Internet Explorer or the Reload Current Page button in Firefox, etc., and you’ll be golden.

If any problems occur click here to email Saxophone Today for help!

The PDF downloaded files from the HTML 5 version will not change. If you downloaded the PDFs to your computer from the older Flash version of ST magazine you need to nothing. The Flash PDF and HTML 5 PDF are identical.

HTML 5 Saxophone Today Flipbook User Guide