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Ted Hegvik
Saxophonist , Clarinetist, Author, Composer, Rudy Wiedoeft Expert

“Fantastic! I’m completely blown away by your creation. First of all, your technical wizardry is amazing. It’s just a pleasure to mess around with this thing (my son usually has to help me out with anything on the computer). The first thing I did was head to the Gus Buescher article, watch the video and listen to that great Wiedoeft sound. Flipped through the whole thing and am really looking forward to digging in. Congratulations – I’m really proud of your Saxophone Today magazine.”

Claude Delangle
Paris Conservatoire

“Saxophone Today is great news that also celebrates the beginning of Adolphe Sax year! Congratulations for being at the top for saxophone news worldwide. Many thanks for your long term commitment!”

Paul Cohen
Manhattan School of Music
Mason Gross School of the Arts, William Paterson University
New York University, Queens College

“Saxophone Today's immersion in the world of the saxophone is nothing short of amazing. The scope and depth of its information and timely articles appeals to players of all levels and styles, and quickly has become an indispensable aide for reference and teaching.”

Lynn Klock
Saxophone Professor (retired) UMass Amherst

“David, your work with the SJ has been invaluable to saxophonists for decades. I’m delighted that you have decided to continue this work in Saxophone Today. Thank-you!”

David Demsey
Professor Of Saxophone, Improvisation, Arranging, Coordinator of Jazz Studies and Performance
William Patterson University

“Congratulations! The magazine looks beautiful, really wonderful to see this, and an honor to be part of it.”

Len Paplauskas
Saxophonist - The Siezure Jazz Band

“I am so delighted that you have decided to continue publishing SJ in a new format. I just subscribed, and although I haven’t had a chance to read the entire magazine yet, it looks great! Congratulations!"

Ken Metz
Saxophonist, Clarinetist, Retired Engineer (PE, Ph.D.), Virtual Ensemble Enthusiast

“I felt somewhat sad when I received the last issue of SJ but I am now feeling much better with my receipt of the first issue of Saxophone Today. I hope that the new business model is successful with many more issues to come.”

Hope Jaquith

"I really LIKE the new Saxophone Today…it is easier these days for people to receive magazines via email instead of regular mail."

Reinhold Schwarzwald
Recording Artist, Composer, Producer!__fu...

“Congratulations to David J. Gibson and his team for 'Saxophone Today,' the much needed VOICE in the saxophone world. Insightful, fresh, and very 21st century. I recommend it to any aspiring and seasoned PRO alike!”

Pattie Cossentino
Saxophonist, Vocalist, Multi-instrumentalist

“The Saxophone Journal has long been revered for it leading role in imparting knowledge and resources of today’s great saxophone artists and from this great tradition We now have a wonderful online resource in Saxophone Today, published and edited by David Gibson. I have been very impressed by the comprehensive treatment of all things saxophone, and the imaginative and creative ways that today’s technology have come to bear, on the presentation of so many informative articles and resources. This is a resource that should be in everyone's online library whether you are a beginner, serious student or professional. Thank you David Gibson for providing the saxophone world with your online magazine. How wonderful to be just a few clicks away from such a great resource for learning and refining our skills."

Kenneth Ozimek

“So glad I found your magazine. I think its going to be a valuable resource for myself and my students!”

Mike LaRoche, Band Leader
Chattanooga's Big Band - Sweet Georgia Sound
"The Art of the Bandstand"
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“As a 20+ year subscriber to Saxophone Journal I am sure enjoying Saxophone Today, thanks!!!”