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Welcome to Saxophone Today!

Welcome to Saxophone Today for saxophonists around the world.

New HTML 5 Technology For Saxophone Today Magazine
Saxophone Today magazine has switched to HTML 5 technology beginning with the JanFeb 2017 Sonny Rollins issue, which means the “Flash Add-On” in your browser will no longer be needed to open and read Saxophone Today.

All back issues of Saxophone Today magazines, will be switched over to HTML 5 in 2017. You’ll be pleased to know that you need to do nothing. Your subscription magazines, and back issues will remain completely accessible by you automatically in the new HTML 5 format.

During this transition to HTML 5 all original "Flash" versions of Saxophone Today will function normally.

HTML 5 is supported by all browsers and all computer operating systems. Saxophone Today will function 100% on Windows and Apple desktop computers, laptops, tablets, iPads, as well as iPhones and Android phones.
Over time, in this transition process, if a given ST magazine doesn’t open on your computer just click the browser Refresh button (F5 key) in Internet Explorer or the Reload Current Page button in Firefox, etc., and you’ll be golden.

If any problems occur click here to email Saxophone Today for help!

The PDF downloaded files from the HTML 5 version will not change. If you downloaded the PDFs to your computer from the older Flash version of ST magazine you need to nothing. The Flash PDF and HTML 5 PDF are identical.

Benefits of HTML 5
1. Very fast opening of magazines.
2. The Saxophone Today look to readers remains the same.
3. For regular subscribers the HTML 5 version still offers the built-in download to PDF capability icon on the bottom of the viewing page. The PDF download in prints to full-page 8.5 by 11 paper beautifully.
4. Thumbnail Views of individual pages remains the same.
5. Table Of Contents listing remains the same.
6. Zooming in on individual pages is achieved by clicking on the bottom circle + icon to enlarge, or circle - icon to return to 2-page spreads. Clicking the zoom circle + icon will enlarge the page, and clicking on the left or right side page turn arrows (while zoomed in) continues the enlarged zoom view on each page.
7. Printing of pages directly from the HTML 5 version is fully supported (same as before).
8. Improved viewing on all tablets.
9. And best of all, no browser “Flash Add-On” needed.
10. HTML 5 is faster and works in all browsers.

During This Transition to HTML 5 All Original "Flash" Versions Of Saxophone Tody Will Function Normally
Your Saxophone Today subscription (6 issues each year) works automatically with all versions of Windows desktop, laptop, and tablet computers using a common internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge, or Chrome. Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers require the Adobe Flash Player add-on. If you need the adobe Flash add-on click here to install directly from Adobe. All Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 computers have Flash Player built into their browsers.

The Google Chrome browser has the Adobe Flash built into the browser, no add-on needed. Your subscription also works on Mac desktops and laptops OS X 10.6 or later (the Safari browser with built-in Adobe Flash Player are required), the iPad 4 OS 6.1.3 or later tablet (also has the Safari browser), as does the iPad Air & iPad Mini. Saxophone Today also functions on Android tablets, plus Apple iPhones & Android phones. Yes, all of these in any combination of computers, tablets, and smart phones you choose to use.

iPad 4 (OS 6.1.3 or later which uses the Safari browser) Tablet, iPad Air, iPad Mini, And Android Tablets
All are currently “cloud” supported by live feed "from the cloud" 24/7.

iPhone & Android Phone
Both are also currently “cloud” supported by live feed "from the cloud" 24/7.

As soon as your subscription order is submitted your Saxophone Today (ST) subscription "Order Finish Page" will be presented to you in your browser immediately (be ready). In the Order Finish Page, clicking the (red) Get ST Magazines button will take you to your "ST Magazines Subscription Presentation Webpage" containing your magazine subscription issues throughout the year. Each new magazine will automatically appear on this webpage.

Here's a sample look-see of the Get ST Magazines button:


Bookmark your "ST Magazine Subscription Presentation Webpage" (above) to your browser favorites! Going forward just check that Bookmark each new issue and your magazines will automatically appear! No login needed to grab your magazines.

You will be emailed each issue a Newsletter from us as a reminder the new issue has been published, and added to your "ST Magazines Presentation Webpage". We will also include a direct link each Newsletter issue to your "ST Magazines Presentation Webpage" as a courtesy.

As long as you are a subscriber to ST you will have access to all your purchased "flipbook style" magazines anytime, anywhere by logging into your account. If you need to re-retrieve your Saxophone Today magazine presentation page, perhaps for a new computer, laptop, or tablet click here for a 1-page PDF helper guide to access your original ST Order Finish Page, leading to the red Get ST Magazines button leading directly to your magazine presentation page. Print, or save this PDF guide to help you retrieve your magazines going forward if you do need to login to move your magazines to perhaps a new computer, laptop, tablet, etc. Otherwise login is not needed if you Bookmarked your magazine presentation webpage.

PDF Version Of Saxophone Today Downloaded To Your Hard Drive
It is easy to save ST to your hard drive, as a PDF file, from inside the flipbook itself, for saving the PDF version to your computer hard drive.
From inside the flipbook magazine version click "download" button (to the right of the "print" button) to save as a full-publication, fully functional PDF file to your computer hard drive, viewable using Adobe Acrobat reader. Please allow time for the PDF download to occur and save to your hard drive, where you can store the magazine PDF permanently.
If you need Adobe Acrobat reader, a free app from Adobe in California, click here.
For a 1-page PDF flipbook User Guide to help you download the PDF version click here.

Saxophone Today Publishing Schedule
Jan/Feb ST will arrive January 1
Mar/Apr ST will arrive March 1
May/June ST will arrive May 1
July/Aug ST will arrive July 1
Sept/Oct ST will arrive September 1
NovDec ST will arrive November 1

Questions, Problems, Suggestions Email Saxophone Today Here. We will respond by email ASAP

David J. Gibson
Publisher & Editor
Saxophone Today